Pac-Man by Rémi Gaillard

Came across Rémi Gaillard’s videos yesterday and it was probably 2 hours of non-stop laughing. While he seems to be terrorizing France, his pranks and skits are quite clever. The Pac-Man video of his is probably my favourite (of the ones I’ve seen). If you have time to kill be sure to check out all this videos at

Fat Man Breaks Photocopier

This guy was trying to do a timeless classic.

The OMG Cat

Choco is shocked at the events that had just taken place.


YouTube was truly made for cat videos. This one’s pretty scary.

Black Man Loves Pokemon

I love Pokemon! Amazing.

Banned Lunchablez Commercial

Remember Lunchables snacks? You could put together mini sandwiches, crackers, Snickers bars and a lot more. It was possibly the most looked forward to snack of the 90′s. Here’s the best comedy spoof of a banned commercial we’ve ever seen.

Funny Talking Animals – Best Of!

Here’s a compilation of amazing BBC animal footage with the perfect voiceovers. Night time, day time!

Ultimate Dog Tease

Meet Clark Griswold, this is truly the best dog talking video we’ve come across. To see the original video click here.


Yatta is a viral video from a few years back by a fictional boy band from Japan called Green Leaves. They performed the song on a popular sketch comedy show and from there history was made. You might have even seen them on Jimmy Kimmel Live after they were asked to perform on his show in the States.